Les liens de Corentin


You are on an instance of share-links, a web application I created at the end of 2021.

I find that one of the most important things about the internet - even before the content - are the links. Without them, it's impossible to access information.

As a developer, I spend a certain amount of time each week doing tech monitoring, and thus reading interesting things. Until now, I used to store the links I was interested in in the shortcuts of my web browser, but when I got to over 700 links I realised that this was certainly not an acceptable solution.

I wanted to be able to store links, sort them (simply if possible), find them (simply if possible), but also share them with the rest of the world.

I installed shaarli, but it didn't quite fit the bill. So I thought that being a developer, I could try to create something on my own.

Thus was born the concept of "share-links" (a very original name for a very original project).

This instance is the first one launched on the web, and I will start adding content to it as I go along.